Banff Mountain Film Festival Coming to Fayetteville, AR in September

One exclusive night only. They sold out last year and people were turned away at the door so if you plan on going get your tickets online by clicking here.

Robber’s Cave Rock Climbing

We headed over to Robber’s Cave State Park in Oklahoma for my son’s birthday not too long ago. We got in the middle of all those rocks and our small group of young boys went nuts. Here is some video of my oldest son rock climbing free style. He is wearing Chacos to do this too and it is actually a lot higher than the video makes it seem. You can see more video of Robber’s Cave State Park and other trails and waterfalls at the midsouth hiker video page at You Tube.

Antelope vs. Mountain Biker

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Buffalo River

This is a nice report the local PBS station did on the Buffalo National River. This is one of the great hidden gems of the Natural State.

Buffalo River Trail

Here is another video from AETN about the Buffalo River Trail in Arkansas. This is a national treasure hidden in the Ozarks.

The National Parks: America’s Best Idea

If you haven’t seen this one yet you should. I like just about everything Ken Burns puts together but this one holds a special place with me. My son and I have been watching the episodes on Netflix streaming and picking out places we want to go and hike.


Video: Lake Leatherwood Hiking Trail Dam

A Walk on the Wild Side

This is one my daughter liked. And it’s semi relevant.




This is a good one that my wife and I recently watched. The reviews said it was really gory but we did not think so. It’s about a guy who is hiking in the desert by himself (true story) and ended up getting trapped being forced to amputate his own arm to get free. That’s not a spoiler as the movie kind of operates under the assumption that you know what is going to happen. Like I said, it’s a true story and I recommend it to hikers out there. It helps you to think twice before you head out on your own.

Kings Bluff Trail: Waterfall

Video from the Glory Hole Hike

Lost Valley Trail: The Return

I made a return trip to the Lost Valley Trail with the whole family this weekend. It is even funner with the kids. There were lots of people on the trail so we had to deal with that but still enough privacy to find it enjoyable. Here is a scene of two of the kids trying to get up behind Eden Falls.