Buffalo River Area

Copperhead Falls


Copperhead Falls on Indian Creek. The sun was directly overhead so the light was killing my exposures. A beautiful waterfall just the same.



No Name Falls Part 2


IMG_0645 (more…)

No Name Falls on Indian Creek Part 1

IMG_0633This was among the first of a long series of awesome waterfalls that I came across on Indian Creek this past weekend as I made my way toward Eye of the Needle. If anyone knows the name of this one please let me know and I’ll change the title here. I call this Part 1 because as I got up above this one on the side of the creek I realized it was being fed by another, larger falls further up the hill. (more…)

Eye of the Needle



smalleye-of-the-needle-2I made the trek to Eye of the Needle near the Buffalo River this past weekend. The water was flowing great thanks to thunderstorms earlier in the week. I have often heard about this location but have not been able to figure out quite how to get there. There are a number of routes, none of them easy. Had I not run into hikers on the trail I no doubt would have missed it this time.


Hemmed in Hollow area

IMG_0069This is one of my favorites. I headed out to Hemmed in Hollow to catch some of the colors changing in the fall of 2013.


Goat’s Bluff

2013-12-25 16.17.26
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Whittaker Point


The family loaded up for this day hike at about the time the color change was peaking last October.


Family Hike at Hemmed in Hollow

For the past few years at Christmas we have tried to downplay the gifts and up play the time together. We still do gifts for the kids and such but on a smaller level. We take the savings we have and get a cabin off in the woods all to ourselves for a couple of days. In the past we have usually gone up to Eureka Springs for our cabins and have had nothing but good things to say. This year we wanted to be closer to the Buffalo River and found a great little cabin run by Candy over at Cove Creek Cabin. It is fully furnished, sits right in the thick of the hills around the Buffalo and came at a great price. I told Candy I would talk up the cabin on the site here so there it is. Check out the link to reserve.


Hawksbill Crag

My daughter Phoebe (a.k.a. PB) and I made the trip to Hawksbill Crag a couple weekends ago along with my mom and dad. For as popular as this sight is it comes as a surprise to most that I have never been there. According to the Tim Ernst guidebook it is one of the most popular day hikes in Arkansas. Its location and “need to do” on my day hike list made it the perfect outing for this December Saturday afternoon. PB was not interested in going, a spongy cartoon grabbing her attention, but knowing what was good for her and needing some time with her I gave her a little nudge and she moved along.


Buffalo River

This is a nice report the local PBS station did on the Buffalo National River. This is one of the great hidden gems of the Natural State.

Buffalo River Trail

Here is another video from AETN about the Buffalo River Trail in Arkansas. This is a national treasure hidden in the Ozarks.

Centerpoint Trail – Buffalo River

Centerpoint Trail – Hike Date Feb 26-27, 2011

By far, the best hike I have been on yet! The Centerpoint Trail is really a combination of several trails so you can customize it to your own preferences and schedule. My final hike was around 11-12 miles round trip and major points of interest included the Goat Trail, Granny Henderson’s Cabin, and Hemmed in Hollow.

The Glory Hole

The Glory Hole is special little hike just east of Fallsville, AR. I had heard about this one for some time but thought I would hold off until after some rain to make sure I did not drive all that way just for a dry trickle. The recent flooding seemed to provide the right timing.


Lost Valley Trail: The Return

I made a return trip to the Lost Valley Trail with the whole family this weekend. It is even funner with the kids. There were lots of people on the trail so we had to deal with that but still enough privacy to find it enjoyable. Here is a scene of two of the kids trying to get up behind Eden Falls.

Lost Valley Trail

This is a great little hike near the Ponca, AR area. It is known as the Lost Valley Trail. There is a sign at the trail head/campground area that notes this area is not a valley and it is not lost. It is about one mile in and one mile out. When you get in and see the falls don’t make the mistake of considering that the end of the trail. Head up a little higher on the trail and see the cave that holds the spring from which the fall’s water originates. The only draw back of this hike is that it would be nice if it were in fact a little more lost as the name implies. The first few hundred yards or so are lined with posts to keep the trail from being washed out. I have not run into so many people as I did on this one and they were not quiet hikers either. (Hint, hint if you are on the trail.) None of these were major drawbacks but surprised me in light of the trail’s name. In any event, once you get to the falls it is well worth the trip. I hit it at a rather dry time. The falls were great but I judging by the dried up creek bed that lines most of the trail I bet this would be an especially nice one in the wet season.