Twin Falls in the Richland Creek Wilderness (photo gallery)

Goat’s Bluff

2013-12-25 16.17.26
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Whittaker Point


The family loaded up for this day hike at about the time the color change was peaking last October.

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Falling Water Water Falls


The name is redundant but this was a beautiful set of waterfalls right off the road on the way into the Richland Creek Wilderness. From highway 16 travelling from Ben Hur, AR take the left turn onto Falling Water Road. It is called CR 1205 in some places. I could not find either of these names on the road itself until you are well down it. The sign that marked it on Hwy 16 was a sign for the Falling Water Horse Camp. If you head toward that horse camp you will be heading toward Richland Creek Wilderness and you are going to pass right alongside the Falling Water Water Falls. They would be really difficult to miss off to the right. In the pictures below note the ladder on one of the trees near the falls. Looks like a great swimming hole in the summer.


Richland Creek Wilderness Twin Falls Hike

Twin Falls in the Richland Creek Wilderness AreaI have a new number one location on my list of favorite places to hike in Arkansas. The Richland Creek Wilderness area is kind of a treasure trove of trails and “make your own trails” unlike anything I have come across throughout the Ozarks and Ouachitas so far. My son and I took off for what was going to be the final section of the OHT in the last week of December 2013. As we drove into the area however; our plans changes. Rather than a hurried 4 day 40 mile hike we opted for an easy multi day exploration of the Richland Creek Wilderness area.

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