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Hogscald Holler: A Coming of Age Tale on the Trail

Earlier this week I posted a set of five great swimming hole/hikes in Arkansas. One more is due that the family and I discovered today. Hogscald Holler is a great little hole hidden off a cove on Beaver Lake and was the setting for a perfect afternoon hike and swim today. It is just barely a hike. We found ourselves jumping in, drying off and then hiking off to different areas around the lake. The lake is clean, the trails have some nice rock formations and even a few waterfalls, and there are some great diving cliffs along the lake walls (just be sure to check before you jump).

There is also a rope swing hidden up along one of the trails. We might have missed it except several party barges pulled in from the lake and the passengers took time swinging off. It has been literally decades since I took a rope swing into water and my kids have never done it so of course we headed that way. (more…)

5 Great Swimming Holes on the Arkansas Trails

The first official day of summer is not until next week and already the heat and humidity has become a bit of a pain. Spring seems to have come and gone and between the heat, the spider webs, and chiggers, the trails are becoming a bit unbearable. So for some incentive on the trail (the greenery is hiding most of the good views) why not head for a swimming hole. Here are five great swimming holes in Arkansas that you can hike in and out to. What better way to refresh on the trail.