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Beat the Heat: 5 Keys to Staying Safe on the Trails

Temperatures have risen to over 100 degrees across the region making for some interesting and sometimes dangerous hiking conditions.

I made the foolish mistake last winter of leaving most of my water in the truck (by accident) while I did the 15 mile Butterfield Trail over at Devil’s Den in northwest Arkansas. I paid dearly for this mistake and by mile 8 I was paying for it. This kind of mistake could be life threatening in the hot conditions we are currently experiencing.

No matter if you are an experienced backpacker or a new day-hiker, here are specific steps you can take to stay safe from the heat on the trail. (more…)

5 Great Swimming Holes on the Arkansas Trails

The first official day of summer is not until next week and already the heat and humidity has become a bit of a pain. Spring seems to have come and gone and between the heat, the spider webs, and chiggers, the trails are becoming a bit unbearable. So for some incentive on the trail (the greenery is hiding most of the good views) why not head for a swimming hole. Here are five great swimming holes in Arkansas that you can hike in and out to. What better way to refresh on the trail.