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I have been needing a new sleeping bag all year long. My old one was still in good shape but it was heavy and bulky and added to discomfort on the trail when I got tired. There are two schools of thought on sleeping bags, down versus synthetic. Down is the most popular for being light and warm. It is also by far the most expensive. You are looking at a minimum of $400 for a good bag. I found this one by a MOUNTAIN HARDWARE a couple weeks ago and went ahead and bought it. It is synthetic and weighs 3 lbs, 1 oz. I tested it out last weekend on the OHT. Temps got down into the lower 20′s and I never felt a thing. It fits a 6 foot 6 inch person so I had plenty of room in the bag. It is a mummy bag and I was able to stay snug and warm all night long. I love this bag. It also comes with a compression bag ($30-$45 value) which helps to make it less than a foot long in your backpack. All the official specs are below. Price on this one is around $200 and after a lot of shopping around I am happy with this purchase and consider it the best deal out there.


Choosing the Right Sleeping Bag

Gearing up for the winter already and making plans for my first multi-day trip in the snow. My current bag won’t cut it. I am looking for something light, able to handle temps at 5 degrees, and not too expensive.┬áCan anyone offer some tips or some suggestions? Down or something else? Brands? Styles? Retailers? Any suggestions are appreciated!