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OHT Sections Sections 4 and 5: Lick Branch to Big Piney – Day 1

The weather has been beautiful around here and what with Christmas wish list items being found under the tree it was time for another hike, and this time a hike like no other. I looked at the sections that lay immediately ahead of me and saw that section 4 of the Ozark Highlands is one of the longest on the trail at almost 30 miles from Lick Branch to Ozone. I did the math and figured at a good pace that was a two day hike for me, packed full of fast walking with 15 miles per day. I talked to some friends and they were interested in meeting me for section 5 at Ozone so I figured why not really go for it and add on another 20 miles with an aim of 50 miles total in four days. (more…)

Ozark Highlands Hiking Trail Section 3 Cherry Bend to Lick Branch – Day 1

This was by far my favorite section of the Ozark Highlands Trail to date. The scenery was excellent throughout and we hit it at a perfect time of the year as the leaves off in the upper elevations gave access to tremendous views of remaining colors over the lower elevations. It is a strenuous trail but of the first three sections I have hiked so far this one was easily the least taxing physically. There are a couple of deep descents throughout the course but only a handful of ascents and those are measuring no more than 500ft and usually not even that much.