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Ozark Highlands Hiking Trail Section One – Day 1 – Lake Fort Smith to White Rock Mountain

To begin with it is safe to say that this was the most strenuous hike I have been on to date, especially day 2 of the hike. Prior to this experience,e the Centerpoint Trail return trip out at the Buffalo River was at the top of this list but now falls to a distant second. As I look on the topo maps for the sections still to go on the OHT, I think this is a trend ahead for me.


An Exciting Announcement and Addition to the Site


One of the things I wanted the web site to include was an exhaustive resource for hikes and hikers throughout the mid south region. That is why I am excited to announce the latest addition to the site.

I have set up a group of forums that will continue to be added to on the Trails page. So far there are about 60 trails listed from Arkansas, Missouri, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Louisiana and Texas. I have not hiked them all yet but of course I hope to in the coming year(s). This listing will be added to and I hope you will help us add to it. Basically the trails just exist now as a location and length, I hope you will add to the description. (more…)