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Hiking Safety Tips – Hiking Solo Part 2

Here is the continuation of our post on hiking solo safety tips.


Hiking Safety Tips – Hiking Solo

As the last set of posts show I did section 2 of the Ozark Highlands Trail solo. I have done a lot of day hikes and a few overnighters solo and never thought much about it. I took along a first aid kit and that was about the gist of it. I guess we can call that mistakes of a beginner.

I read a story the other day about a hiker in Canada who was injured and lost for several days. The cold kicked in causing frost bite and while he was just a short distance from the search crews that were looking for him the cold had affected him to a degree that he was no longer making rationale decisions. Thankfully, this story ended well with the hiker found and brought home safely but not all stories do. In fact, every year hikers end up lost or dead on the trail due to dangers they run into while hiking alone.