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This is one I have been looking at for a long time and weighed the benefits between this and some other models and brands out there. The official description is below but here are my two bits. What finally sold me on the JETBOIL was when I saw it in action on the trail. I was doing section 2 of the OHT and some guys I met pulled this bad boy out. Not only was it totally easy to use but it was VERY light and even better, super compact. Right now my cooking pot and coffee pot take up more room in my bag than my tent does. The JETBOIL folds up into one small super light unit. It is built for the trail and not just for camping. There are several variations of this unit but this is the one I like. You can add different pieces and parts when you want, say for example for group sized cooking pot. The JETBOIL sales for less than $100.  This one is at the top of my Christmas wish list.

Jet Boil is #1 on my Christmas wish list this year!


A Light and Effective Water Filtration System for the Trail


MiniWorks EX Microfilter Water Purification – unisex Gray One Size by MSR This is the worldwide best-selling microfilter delivering long-lasting field-maintainable water filtration in demanding environments. Effective against protozoa bacteria particulate chemicals and toxins. Ceramic Plus Carbon filter with a filter pore size of 0.2 microns Flow rate of 1 liter per minute 85 strokes per liter cartridge life of about 2000 liters Water bottle adapter included Warranty Limited Lifetime Lifetime Weight 1 lb / 456 g Dimensions 2.75 x 7.5 in/7 x 19 cm

Sale Price right now of $90 with free shipping