Life is busy and only seems to be getting busier. Between managing career and being a father of three it is easy to get sucked up into the drift of the world we live in and decades pass by before we know it. That’s a big deal to me because in the midst of those passing decades are the important things of life that I don’t want to miss out on, mile markers with the kids, personal development, meaningful relationships, treasuring my wife….

Last year I turned 33 years old and saw this trend developing and knew something had to be done about it. I needed to change-up the pace of own internal rhythms and take time to remember and reflect on what is most important and the means by which to best build my home and life. And all that needed to be done while maintaining the commitments and priorities and normalcy of my life.

I have never been what you might call the outdoors type of guy. I have many friends who are avid and expert hunters but it has never really appealed to me. Add to that a strapped budget and options were limited pretty quickly. So I decided to give hiking a try. The only real investment was a backpack and good pair of shoes. The region we live in is notorious for its natural beauty (a.k.a the Natural State, Show Me State, etc…). It didn’t take long to get me turned on. In fact, after the first hike on the Yellow Rock Trail at Devil’s Den, I was hooked.

No matter if it is a short day hike or a weekend expedition the relaxing pleasures of enjoying the scenic beauty and meditative solitude of the trail is addictive. No matter how strenuous the week might get I can keep a little ace in my pocket knowing there is a new trail waiting for me in the weekend.

This web site is simply a logging of the trails, the sights, and the skills that are being learned while my own hiking experience develops. For every new trail I trek I generally research it online through an assortment of sites. I thought I would add my own to the mix. Hopefully it will be of benefit to you and maybe even encourage a few others to pioneer their own hiking path. My hope is that some other hikers out there will add their own tales and trail reviews to the site. And who knows, I might even see you one afternoon on some hidden trail in the mid-south.

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  1. Jeff, this is great. I love it. I’m so glad you discovered a passion for hiking. I was much older than you when I found a passion for any outdoor pursuits. I’m glad you learned this lesson much younger than I did. When I get to AR will you take me on some hikes?

    June 21, 2011 at 12:36 am

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