Goat’s Bluff

2013-12-25 16.17.26
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This was our Christmas day hike this year. I have posted this trail before when talking about the Centerpoint Trail. It was a bit longer than I remembered. To get to the Goat’s Bluff and one of the coolest lookouts on the Buffalo River head to Ponca, AR. Just outside of town is a trail head, well marked and with a good size parking lot alongside the road. A cell phone tower is visible on the other side of the road.

From the trail head hike downhill for 3-4 miles. The real rocky and narrow section of trail will eventually give way to a broader and more open area which then opens up to a little clearing. It is pretty obvious when you arrive at the clearing. Usually you will see signs of a campfire having been there. Leave the main trail and go to the back right corner of this clearing and you will find a narrow spur that leads out towards the cliffs. It is marked but in the spring when leaves are out you might find the markings difficult to locate. Follow that little spur and it leads right out to the bluff and a trail that goes alongside there. You will find some great rock formations and a terrific view of the Buffalo River several hundred feet below. There have been several occasions when I could see kayakers and canoe trips on the river below and although they were hundreds of feet away I could hear and understand every word they said as their words traveled up the cliff walls.

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