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Spring is finally here and this is the best time of year for a particular kind of hike that Arkansas, especially in the west and central parts of the state, have in abundance. Waterfall trails!! I hit the trail last Friday when I saw the freak May 3, snow on the ground to find one I had been hunting for some time. This is Twin Falls. No idea why they call it Twin Falls where there are three falls but there you go. If you go waterfall hunting, do it in the rain. That is the way you can guarantee seeing a waterfall. The Glory Hole is one of the prettiest ones in Arkansas but is pretty dependent upon a current rain to guarantee water to be flowing.

Anyway…back to Twin Falls.


To get to this one head toward the Buffalo River and get AR 74. If you are familiar with the Buffalo River area then you probably know where Kyles Landing is. This is on Highway 74 near Jasper. If you are driving west it is a right hand turn and the opposite if you are driving east. Warning! This is a very, very steep road. You need to have the right kind of vehicle. I took a Ford Ranger down this once when it was perfectly dry and barely got back out. If you are doing this in the rain then you are going to want a heavy vehicle, likely 4 wheel drive. No mini vans. Definitely do not recommend.


Continue down the dirt road and you will eventually come to a fork. The left goes to Kyles Landing that most folks in this area are familiar with. The right goes to Boy Scout Camp Orr. Go right all the way into the boy scout camp. The steep travel continues.


When the road levels out you are arriving at Camp Orr. Another warning! Do not park in the parking lot if it is the least bit damp. The parking lot for some reason is just a shade above quick sand. I barely got out and I was in a big truck. Just park along the side of the road where you aren’t blocking anyone else arriving.


Once out of  your vehicle the trail is off to the left (facing Camp Orr). Just follow the creek for about 300-400 yards. You can’t miss it. The trail forks at one point so you can go up to the top of the falls. I wouldn’t take little ones up there but they would be fine on the lower level trail.


If you are in Newton County already to see Twin Falls then it must be raining. There are loads of great trails with waterfalls around here. I encourage readers to leave a note with some other good trails in Arkansas that feature waterfalls. Be sure to include the directions.

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  1. One of the great things about Triple/Twin Falls is that it is less dependent on rain than many others. The two falls on the left are fed by a natural spring, so they will flow even in the heat/drought of summer. The falls on the right is fed by Shop Creek, and is only a wet-weather falls — although it flows nice during the wet season and not just during/directly after rainfall.

    May 8, 2013 at 4:02 am

    • mid south hiker

      Well that gives sense to the name. Thanks for the info.

      May 8, 2013 at 3:49 pm

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