Hawksbill Crag

My daughter Phoebe (a.k.a. PB) and I made the trip to Hawksbill Crag a couple weekends ago along with my mom and dad. For as popular as this sight is it comes as a surprise to most that I have never been there. According to the Tim Ernst guidebook it is one of the most popular day hikes in Arkansas. Its location and “need to do” on my day hike list made it the perfect outing for this December Saturday afternoon. PB was not interested in going, a spongy cartoon grabbing her attention, but knowing what was good for her and needing some time with her I gave her a little nudge and she moved along.

The hike is a short one, just 3 miles or so round trip. Due to its popularity there were plenty of other people on the trail that afternoon. We ran into two groups coming and going on the trail. Hawksbill Crag itself is really nice but to be honest Yellow Rock over at Devil’s Den offers just a comparable a view. What sets Hawksbill apart to me was the hike to the Crag.

There is a large rock garden that you will pass along the way along with a lot of cool rock formations. Most of these are poised right at the edge of the cliffs. Speaking of cliffs, this is not a hike for little ones. PB is 9 and this was about as young a person as I would want to take on this trail due to the high cliffs and easy slips and slides. She kept close to me throughout.

We found a tree as we approached the cliff’s edge along the trail and climbed down to a low level trail along the summit. When you hike this trail I definitely recommend taking this route at least part of the way. It brings you to a lower level trail with a lot of “bonus features.”

Among the features are a cavern where other folks have set up a fire ring and over the door way of the cabin is a waterfall. If you follow the downpour of the waterfall it eventually comes to yet another drop off from the summit with an additional waterfall.

PB loved the hike. When we hiked back to the van some time later I asked her what the best part was and she said it was learning how to drink from a waterfall. What is the secret to this you might ask? The secret is your dad telling you it is ok, then cupping your hands, and scooping some water into your mouth.



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