Copperhead Falls


Copperhead Falls on Indian Creek. The sun was directly overhead so the light was killing my exposures. A beautiful waterfall just the same.



No Name Falls on Indian Creek Part 1

IMG_0633This was among the first of a long series of awesome waterfalls that I came across on Indian Creek this past weekend as I made my way toward Eye of the Needle. If anyone knows the name of this one please let me know and I’ll change the title here. I call this Part 1 because as I got up above this one on the side of the creek I realized it was being fed by another, larger falls further up the hill. Read the rest of this page »

Eye of the Needle



smalleye-of-the-needle-2I made the trek to Eye of the Needle near the Buffalo River this past weekend. The water was flowing great thanks to thunderstorms earlier in the week. I have often heard about this location but have not been able to figure out quite how to get there. There are a number of routes, none of them easy. Had I not run into hikers on the trail I no doubt would have missed it this time.

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Hemmed in Hollow area

IMG_0069This is one of my favorites. I headed out to Hemmed in Hollow to catch some of the colors changing in the fall of 2013.

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